Monday, February 27, 2006

Bat on a rope

I took several snap videos in my digicam while watching the Batman show in a mall. My son was very impressed with this one. :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Toilet Jokes

The other day I was so pissed off to know that two hours of my autocad work just went out like a bubble when out of the blue my computer hanged! And I can't even believe it. I had to make them all again in scratch and to make matter worse, I need to send it by the end of the day to the architectural consultant for tender. Yet, being so furious at myself for not saving it from time to time, i took a break and had coffee. when I returned to the computer I received this forwarded email from a friend with filipino toilet jokes in it. Most of the time I don't read forwarded emails. But this time is an exemption since I want to clear my head and start with the work with a fresh mind.

And whadayaknow? Those jokes are so corny it actually worked! I ended up laughing heavily my officemates all turned to look at me.

So if like me you've been burned out lately and wanted a raw laugh, try reading these. No, forget the "Arrested Development" kind of laugh of the british homour style. There are time for that in the comfort of our home couch. This jokes are the kind pinoys are really good of. Yep, toilet jokes. Call it what you want, call it un-intellectual or below class, I don't care. It's what got me started in working again with a clear head.

This has circulated around there's one in five chances that you've already read this. bt for those who did not, here it is (sorry to non- Filipino speaking, these words are of filipino dialects):


Prospective Employer to Applicant: " So why did you leave your previous job?"

Applicant: " The company relocated and they did not tell me where!"


Bisaya 1: " Gara ng kutsi, siguro kay Miyur iyan."!

Bisaya 2: " Dili bay!"

Bisaya 1: " Kay Hipi?"

Bisaya 2: " Tuntu ka man. Kay FATHER iyan. Gisulat niya sa likud o, "'SAFARI'."


Misis: " Sir, mananawagan po sana ako sa mister ko kasi dinala niya ang limang anak namin."

Radio Host: " Ok, go ahead!"

Misis: " Honey, ibalik mo na ang mga bata, isa lang naman ang sa iyo diyan!"


Hello! Heto na naman ako. Gulung-gulo ulit ang isip ko. May nais lang sana akong itanong sa inyo. Alam ko matutulungan niyo ako Ang BIRDS FLU ba ay past tense ng BIRDS FLY?


Nakasakay ka sa FX, ng ikaw ay mautot. Buti na lang malakas ang tugtog. Bawat pag-utot, sabay sa tugtog. Nang ikaw ay bumaba, ang sasama ng tingin nila sa iyo, bigla mong naalala...naka Walkman ka pala!


WIFE: Himala! aga mong umuwi ngayon.

HUSBAND: Sunod ko lang utos ng boss ko. Sabi nya "GO TO HELL", kaya ito uwi agad ako.


Lasing (takot): may multo sa banyo natin!

Wife: ha? Bakit?

Lasing: kasi bumubukas yung ilaw pag papasok ako ng ! banyo eh.

Wife: punyeta ka! ikaw pala umiihi sa ref!


1st night lola wore see thru dress, lolo didn't react...

2nd night lola wore t-back, lolo still deadma...

3rd night lola all naked, lolo said "anu yan suot mo, gusot-gusot!!"


AMO: sagutin mo ang telepon inday!

INDAY: (baligtad ang hawak) hilo? hilo?

AMO: baligtarin mo!

INDAY: lohi? lohi?

AMO: telepon ang baligtarin mo!

INDAY: Puntili, puntili


Juan: bday ng asawa ko

Pedro: ano regalo mo?

Juan: tinanong ko kung ano gusto niya.

P: ano naman sinabi?

J: Kahit ano basta may DIAMOND.

P: ano binigay mo?

J: Baraha.


Pedro: Galing ako sa doktor, nakabili na ko ng hearing aid. Grabe! ang linaw na ng pandinig ko!

Juan: Talaga?! Magkano bili mo?

Pedro: Kahapon lang


Teacher: We are descendants of Adam and Eve!

Student: That's not true! My dad sez we are descendants of an Ape!

Teacher: We are not talking about your FAMILY!


Wife: Lab, may taning na ang buhay ko. Huling gabi ko na to, let's make love.

Husband: Heh! tumigil ka nga. maaga pa akong gigising bukas, buti ikaw hindi na.


KRIMINAL1: "Pare, sigurado ka bang dito dadaan yung papatayin natin?"

KRIMINAL2: "Oo, nagtataka nga ako, 1 oras na tayo dito wala parin siya! Sana naman walang nangyaring masama sa kanya."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give and Take

Jean, my wife, is no sports fan. Much more a football fan. So she can't undertand why I have to wake up at mid-dawn just to watch a game I can see a replay later the night. So i have to explain to her that for a football freak like me, there's nothing in the world like watching the game live, with no spoilers whatsoever. and like before, she wasn't convinced but the good thing though about it is that she respects that I have to do these things. The same thing that I respect her in times that she's having her tantrums or how ridiculuosly long it took her to choose between two shoes to buy. I guess the longer we lived together the more patience and tolerance for each other's antics has grown. And this is all out of respect and love for your partner. When I get irritated sometimes waiting for her while she tries a hundred dresses that she won't buy anyway, I just remind myself how miserable i'd be if she's not with me-- and it makes me feel calmer and uncomplaining. So now whenever I had no excuse not to come with her to malls, I just bring a good graphic novel with me and wait for her in the nearest coffee alfresco. Guess it suits us both better. Give and take... And just like that, life seems to be less complicated.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Waking up for the love of the game

Being in Asia, I have to wake up at 3:30 a.m. this morning to watch live two of my favourite football (soccer, to americans) teams -- Arsenal (English Premier League) and Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Liga) clash it out in the 1st knockout stage of the UEFA champions League.

As I said earlier, I like these two teams. I like Arsenal because of their enigmatic skipper, Thierry Henry. While I also like Real Madrid because Ronaldo and Zizou (zidane) plays for them. And I really have trouble deciding which team to favour. My feeling though seem to be favouring Arsenal since they are the underdog in this match and they haven't won europe's most prestigious tournament while Real won the cup a record nine times.

The odds though, are going against Arsenal, since there has never been any English team in history to beat Real Madrid in their home ground.

I went on to watch the game, and was surprised how the English side dominated the game leaving the Galacticos chasing. The highest moment of the game came in the 2nd minute of the second half where Thierry Henry past through 3 men in route to poaching a goal to the far corner of the net.

The result: 1-0 in favor of the London club. A new record established and a giant injured. But there's still the second leg in two weeks (this time to be played in London). And I expect Real to be more agressive by then.

Though the game yielded only a single goal, it is by far a very entertaining game and I wasn't sorry I exchanged two hours of nice sleep for it. It even made me forgot the hangover pains I got from the food poisoning I got a day before.

Now, I think I have to wake up again tomorrow to watch CHELSEA and BARCELONA. :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

The one that mattered

Last night I was working again at home and rushing things up when Fergus came to me and mumbled his usual antics, the kind he does when he wanted to play. Being submerged in the middle of the things I wanted to finish, I just looked at him and told him to not disturb me and go play with his mommy.

I thought it would be okay since he left the room. But after a minute, he was back again bringing some of his Justice League toys and mumbled "karga". He wanted to sit in my lap. I began to be irritated, but since I really wanted to finish my work without being angry and be distructed, I just lifted him and let him sit in my lap while I went on to toggle with my laptop.

He then began with his "what's the sound of" word parade. I answered some of it but when he sensed that I was not paying attention to his questions anymore, he began to point to the monitor and told me that he wanted to see pictures (in his own kiddy words of course). When I didn't listen he began to cry. I think out of tiredness, I shouted at him that I needed to finish my work. I think he understood so he just went to the bed and curled there sobbing silently, biting his favorite blanket.

Looking at him this way made me feel sorry so I stopped working, hugged him and started to play with him. I guess I was so lost with so many things going on in work and in my mind that I forgot why I'm working in the first place. That I'm making all of these things for his future. And I'm doing it because I love him very much. And I felt sorry that I became irritated that he interfered while I was working because he let me see the point of it all. Why would I slave myself doing all these work if I can't even spend time to the one that really mattered? My son is 2 years old and is growing too fast. He has so many questions, really curios and very active. And I should be always there to answer his queries, no matter how absurd or out- of this world it can be, or be ready to play whenever he wanted to. Because as what my father used to tell me, being a father is far more than putting your spermatozoa in a woman's womb and impregnate her. I have more obligations than feeding or giving my kid financial security. It is my duty as a parent to show him that he is loved, to guide him in the right path as he grows and show to him that his happiness is my joy, and that his pain is mine too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is Valentines' Day. I see how you get to look at an event or ocassion in different stages of your life. Jean, my ex- girlfriend (now my wife, of course) just turned 31 three weeks ago and I, a month further back. When we were younger we used to see Valentines day as a special occassion that we can spend together just with each other. In our college days we would plan beforehand what to do or where to go (as far as our collective allowances can afford), just to make the day extra special. Then when we were both working, I would always make the trip from Cagayan de Oro (where i live and work) and be with her on the 14th. But as time went on, and we were married, became more mature and now blessed with a hyperactive child, the way we see Valentines has dramatically changed. Now it's not just about being together. It's not just about spending the moment together full of hugging and sweet moments of hush and whispers. It has evolved to something that is celebrated more than just the two of us. We came to know that Valentines is not just for lovers. It's about love of any kind. Love for parents, or love for friends, and most especially love for family. Not the love you feel when you have your first kiss or the one you feel while exploring each other's secrets and mystery. I confine that "that" kind of love was in fact very exciting, but superficial. There's nothing to compare with the love that's been through the high and lows of life's battles, widthstanding each other's shortcomings, family and in-law conflicts, monetary bust-ups, quarrel of opinions, and sometimes contradicting beliefs and personal preferences.

Now, instead of buying flowers and gifts (Jean actually warned me not to buy her flowers for a long time now-- branding it as a waste of money), we just spend this day with our son, and being away here in singapore, we'll be spending some time of it calling our respective folks. It's all about love after all. And with a silent prayer we'll say thank you for still being together all these time, rediscovering each other's mystic qualities despite of our differences.

Oh yeah, I have to drop by the DVD store before going home to see what's nice for tonight.

Bloody Scammers

I haven't opened my mail since the weekend and I can't believe how much spam mails can accumulate in your box for three days. Damn. Though I have to be careful too since sometimes you overlook some messages that "looked" like spam but are actually from friends. Once i even found a very awaited response from my writer in my bulk box sitting there for about a week and didn't get to read it.
And what's with these spammers anyway? They send penis- enlargement/ erectile dysfunction ads everyday! I mean for god's sake, I know they mean business but keep me out of it. i'm too young to need a viagra or whatever scammer immitations they offer (branding it "new formula", "fully organic", or "all natural". Uh-huh. not me, I pass. Wait 40 years more and then maybe. And penis enlargement? No. I may not have that of John holmes (yeah far from being a monster), but I'm comfortable with it and it suits me just fine. :)

Another scam i'm getting tired with are these nigerian "looted money" account. I guess all of you has received a mail of this nature, promising to give you 50% of the millions they have in a swiss bank if you give them something to facilitate the "papers" with. funny, right? Yet you still knew pretty stupid people who fell for this kind of ploy. Greedy people who was blinded by their own ravenousness that they themselves don't notice they've been swindled until it's too late. I've heard of Filipinos who fell for it, and some older Singaporeans too. The way foreigners fell for the gold bars scam in the Philippines.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Ronaldinho. If you haven't any clue about him it's either you don't like sports (or has in no way an inclination about football or soccer), has been living in isolation for the past 6 years, or hasn't been reading the news especially the sports section, or has been so engrossed with their passion for the Steelers or the Yankees. Well for those of you who don't know the lad, Ronaldinho is the most exciting football package to come out of football-crazy Brazil since Pele and Ronaldo. His moves with the ball is likewatching the finesse of a ballerina's dancing footsteps, mesmerising you with jaw- dropping silky-smooth dribbles and before you know it he poaches the ball to the net with the precision and almost a calliper measure's exactness to a game that swears such preciseness does not exist. He was the one responsible why Brazil beat England in the 2002 World cup quarterfinals and went on to win the world cup. He was responsible why Barcelona was champions in the Primera liga last season and is on the brink of another this year. He was responsible of trashing Real Madrid 4-1 in bernabue in so much flair and passion that Madrid fans even stood and applauded the man from the rival Catalan side.

His successive award as World FIFA player of the year in two years and the current European player of the year honor only proved that he is the best in what he does in today's fooball generation... And it's a blessing to watch him play. He is today, the epitome of football at its greatest. The magic and the poetry in the game's motion.

Ronaldo is still my most favourite striker of all time but Ronaldinho is undeniably the better all- around player.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Art Roots Part 2

I have started appreciating komiks (that's comics in the Philiipines. Mostly in the form of collective 4-pages anthologies with serialized novels) at a very young age. so young that by that time I didn't even know how to read or write. There's a lot of komiks available then and it has a weekly or bi- weekly publication issues. In an era where internet is yet non- existent and televisions were very limited only on affluent households, komiks really were the favourite past time of filipinos young and old. My mother who collects a lot of them were the one who introduced me informally to this media. And before long it has become an instrument and a very important tool for me to persever on reading and understand the galaxy of words written all over the beautifully drawn pictures. and as I grew older and understand the stories, i became hooked unto it and every week I just have to get my next fix. of course it was only in time that i too, would want to do my own komiks and dreamth of becoming these more-than-mortal artists responsible of creating these natural, magical and sometimes surreal kind or illustrations.

*One of the best artist to ever grace the Philippine komiks(and even the world) is Alfredo Alcala. This is a page taken from his serial, "Voltar".

By age ten i began making my own comicbook. In order to achieve this, I often save my 50 centavo allowance then to buy long bond papers (legal sized, as it is called now). I would group at least 7 pieces of these papers and bind them by folding in the middle and fasten them with staplers. After that, I will retire to my drawing board (actually an old table used by my teacher mother before she got a new one) and with my stapled papers, ballpen, ruler and a handfull or komiks i used for references and swiping, I'm off to neverland--drawing and writing at the same time(imprumptu) in my own comicbook. My younger brothers were so influenced by these that they actually learned drawings too by always watching me doing my thing. Especially my fourth brother, who liked to watch intently while I do my stuff.

i have never been a very good keeper of my things. Most of my drawings then were either lost, stolen (yes, the compiled ones) and some were sold (yes, it's true) to classmates who didn't keep it well too. A couple or so left (some drawings i did back in high school are with my brother who i hope still kept them in good shape).

Post- Holiday Syndrome

The long Chinese New Year Holiday (4 days) is over as well as Jean's birthday(yesterday, Jan 31).
So now i'm having a post-holiday syndrome. And i'm tired too since before retiring last night (if you call 2 a.m. night, that is) we have to clean up all the mess that Jean's visitors and Fergus' playmates has left behind, including disposing all the leftovers and washing the dishes. Luckily Fergus was drained too so he didn't hump his usual antics in the bed and in turn gave me a peaceful sleep.

Now I'm back in the office doing the usual dayjob after days of playing xbox, drawing comic pages, and playing with my kid.

Oh wait, on the lighter side, weekend is not so far away. :) Have to finish the pages I owe Reg with.