Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tales of Two Churches

The above image is that of St. Andrew's church. An Anglican church said to be founded by Sir Stamford Raffles himself. This is a very famous church located in downtown Singapore, flanked by modern buildings from side to side. Being a famous landmark, the church has been photographed from all sides countless of times so turning an original photo is a challenge and the least I want is to turn out another generic image the same of the many tourist that visits the city. I discarded the photos I took from the church's facade and just look around until I found this spot just outside the gate. It still shows the church but with the tree it becomes more dramatic. Most of the time, trees at the front acts as distruction, but I think it worked on this particular piece. And the fact that it is in silhoutte gives the viewer more focus to the church itself. It also seem to lead the eye upward, to the apex of the church's lit tower, which for me is the one strong focal point of the structure. It also, together with the dark atmosphere, helped camouflage the other buildings surrounding that would be distracting to the view.

This is an image of another church (a catholic one this time), the church of St. Teresa in Kampung Bahru. I go here to reflect and meditate. I like going to this church because it is a bit secluded (but really far from my place) and there's a sense of serenity when you're on its grounds. I took this photo just as dusk sat in, giving that royal blue colour to the sky fading to a darker hue above. Again, I didn't put the whole church in the photo, instead concentrated to what I think represented it most.


This is a bit late but I wanted to thank both Ipanema and Carey for including me in their "Thinking Blog Award" list.


I also wanted to apologize to (few) people who has been reading my comics and didn't see an update for two weeks now. My scanner has been broken and haven't scanned the new pages. I was supposed to shop for a scanner last weekend but my son's birthday took place. hopefully I can get a new (and better) one this weekend, so I can upload a new one this Sunday night.

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