Monday, June 18, 2007


Yes. That's the name of the webcomic group that is launching this week (with the logo at the left), in which my Webcomics-- TRISTAN(above)-- is a part of. In part of this, i am also officially launching my webcomic in this blog too. What you will see above is always the newest update of the comic, which will be updated every week. If ever you missed an update, you don't have to worry since all you have to do is click on the comics and you will be directed to its host, The WebcomicsNation site, where you can read and see everything from the start to the most current update.

What's more? You can actually put my webcomics in your own blog (if you're too lazy to go here) by postign the snippet code below the comics, and it will update itself from there!

Webcomic Republic is comprised of 6 creators. We are:

The Blurb! Jonas Diego
Delivering your comic book goodness on a daily basis!
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Adult

Crest Hut Butt Shop Gerry Alanguilan
An online daily diary webcomic by Gerry Alanguilan.
Genre: Humor, Real Life

Class Comics Ariel Atienza

School has never been this good…or this mad!
Genre: Humor

Tristan Rey Villegas
Fantasy, action, and high adventure…the good stuff!
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Kathang Isip Laguna Teddy Pavon
The story of a people in search of freedom.
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure, Action, Drama

Life Again Laurento Jovito Fua
An undead’s quest to learn his mysterious past.
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Slight Humor

So after you read my webcomic update here, hop to these other blogs for some more free comicbook goodness in the web.

Webcomic Republic Logo
The rationale about the name of the group and the logo is explained by veteran webcomic guru Jonas Diego as below:

I purposely adopted a non-modern looking design sense for the Webcomic Republic reminiscent of the flag/s our forefathers used during the revolution.

The many rayed sun stands for hope and strength in numbers. The red field stands for passion. The character in the middle of the sun stands for the letter “K” in alibata, the pre-colonial system of writing by ancient Filipinos, which stands for “Kalayaan” or freedom but also means “Komiks”.


To empower Filipino Comic Book Creators by offering webcomics as a viable alternative to print in terms of monetizing and popularizing their comic books and reaching a global audience.


1. Help drive traffic to each member’s sites.
2. Create more opportunities for income generation via online advertising.
3. Provide a united face for Filipino webcomics in the online global community.

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