Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jersey Ga-ga

I love Football. Anyone of you who has been dropping around this blog (even those who pretends not to, lol) should know by now. And like every other football fan, I love collecting and wearing jerseys of my favourite teams, moreso the ones worn by the heores I adore. I have collected quite a few over the years, though some of it i gave out to friends and family. I did kept some in my closet, and when Jean overhauled my closet last Saturday, I had a chance of taking photos of those I really value the most.

The 2002-2003 Manchester United "away" kit. This was the uniform they wore the last time theycaptured the Enlish Premiership trophy.

A Michael Owen Liverpool jersey when he was still with the Reds. This is a replica of the one he wore when they triumph in the 2001 European(UEFA) cup.

A replica of the Brazil jersey that won the 2002 World cup in Japan.

An England World Cup 2006 kit. Too bad they never made it even to the semifinals.

I like this jersey because this is the first uniform Arsenal wore after they left Highbury as their home stadium and transferred to the London Emirates Stadium. This is also the current Arsenal jersey.

this was the last Jersey Chelsea players wore before they jump-shipped sponsorship from Umbro to Adidas. This was also their centennial kit and the uniform they wore in their second consecutive premier league championship.

Maybe my most favourite (not to mention the most expensive) on the current ones I have. This is Manchester United's jersey to date. They are in really good form and is looking to capture their first premiership trophy in four years.

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