Thursday, March 29, 2007


For some, Tennis is a bore. While others, live for it. Nowadays, Tennis has become more popular, thanks to the athletes who plays like they are going on a catwalk show. But apart from the usual glitz and glamour of the sponsors, we can't deny there's hard talents in those courts.

Nowadays, you can't talk about Tennis without touching a topic about Roger Federer. The FedererExpress, as he is fondly called. you think about him and you think about Sampras and Agassi combined. No, that's an understatement. you can even add Borg and Lendl in the mixture. Crazy, isn't it? Yeah, maybe, but that's what Roger Federer is for the moment. If you compare his greatness and dominance in Tennis to any other sports legends, you instinctively think of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Ronaldinho. He IS that good. How good, you say? how about winning Wimbledon 4 consecutive times, then the US Open and Australian Open three times respectively. The Roland Garros (freanch open) has remained just the only Everest for Federer to conquer before he can be called the greatest ever. A title he almost got twice, if not for a flamboyant Spaniard named Rafael Nadal. He reached 17 consecutive finals and won 56 consecutive hard court matches. He ranked up there for all time finals wins with 46 wins for 59 finals entered.

He has been called with so many adjectives throughout his career that sometimes it's even absurd. We have elevated him to god-like status and if this was ancient Greece, he may as well have a place in Mt. Olympus.

But then these past two weeks, the unthinkable happened. He lost. We blink. Thought if it's just the beer or are we seeing a conspiracy by the universe. But it is true. He lost-- not once, but twice! In consecutive tournaments, and with THE SAME man! And it's not even in a final. Last week's lose was at the Indian Wells, and this week at the Miami Masters both on the hands of Argentine Guillermo Canas. We panicked. Think. And we feel better. Because like every other sportsman, greats fall. And Federer--as special as he is-- ain't no exception.

This is a setback, of course. And pretty sure Federer will bounce from this and win more tournaments than ever. But for us, it's just a reminder that like us, Federer too, is mortal.

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