Monday, July 16, 2007

Goin' Greek

There's something about being Greek that makes them "sexy". I mean, they generally engineered how we look at beauty, set the standards in building construction and established the platforms for politics (most notably democracy), architecture, mathematics, astronomy, art, poetry and literary masterpieces. They made their gods with perfect bodies and whose quintessence is still celebrated by the greatest sports occurrence that carries its collective name.

In high school I learnt about Ptolemy and Phytagoras, and marveled at how they managed to create theories that is made foundations for modern astronomy and mathematics, amazed how the philisopies of Plato and Aristotle are still studied by today's statesmen, the admiration for a lawmaker named Solon by forging a free Athens, and thought with awe how a blind poet can tailor the two most popular book of tragedy and comedy of all time.

Back then life was more simple. And while most other kids my age oggle with "Hustler" in their private time (I did too, sometimes), I sit back in my room weaving in my mind my own tales of Greek armies fighting for freedom and pride, before putting them in paper in comic form. Doing this is a self-healing process for me. Actually it does something more. It gave me my kicks. It made my body inject more endomorphins to my brain while i was at it and I feel good. And like candle with fire, my mind and hand will just synchronize with unknown rhythm sailing into never, never land.

Bag! bag! Bag! (door knocking)
Me: Yes?!?
Younger brother: Mama said it's your turn to wash the dishes!