Friday, February 10, 2006


Ronaldinho. If you haven't any clue about him it's either you don't like sports (or has in no way an inclination about football or soccer), has been living in isolation for the past 6 years, or hasn't been reading the news especially the sports section, or has been so engrossed with their passion for the Steelers or the Yankees. Well for those of you who don't know the lad, Ronaldinho is the most exciting football package to come out of football-crazy Brazil since Pele and Ronaldo. His moves with the ball is likewatching the finesse of a ballerina's dancing footsteps, mesmerising you with jaw- dropping silky-smooth dribbles and before you know it he poaches the ball to the net with the precision and almost a calliper measure's exactness to a game that swears such preciseness does not exist. He was the one responsible why Brazil beat England in the 2002 World cup quarterfinals and went on to win the world cup. He was responsible why Barcelona was champions in the Primera liga last season and is on the brink of another this year. He was responsible of trashing Real Madrid 4-1 in bernabue in so much flair and passion that Madrid fans even stood and applauded the man from the rival Catalan side.

His successive award as World FIFA player of the year in two years and the current European player of the year honor only proved that he is the best in what he does in today's fooball generation... And it's a blessing to watch him play. He is today, the epitome of football at its greatest. The magic and the poetry in the game's motion.

Ronaldo is still my most favourite striker of all time but Ronaldinho is undeniably the better all- around player.