Friday, January 20, 2006



I wasn't that excited of it though since my wife, son and I welcomed it with the dreaded flu. Luckily we're well now, not 100% though since i still bark once in a while like a dog.

I've nursed the damn flu for two weeks, and during those time I didn't try to draw anything (and two weeks before that got swamped with a lot of work in office so didn't have time to sit the drawing board as well).

So for that two weeks of sickness, instead of just lying in bed and be bored, I decided to continue playing my FIFA SOCCER '05 managerial career in my x-box. And boy, did i have fun. My '05 has been around for quite sometime now and i just don't have the time to play it intently until last two weeks and it gave me the blast, at least. I had chance playing my favourite teams for the 15- year period like ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, CHELSEA, MAN-U, BARCELONA and REAL MADRID. And also managed DUNDEE UNITED, CELTIC and POURTSMOUTH on the way.

My favourite aside from playing the pitch itself was the transfer market. buying great players and assybling them in one team is a heck of delight. I had the chance of fielding Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Zinadine Zidanne, Patrick Viera, Ronaldinho, Rio Ferdinand and John Terry in a first team!

Anyway, that's over. So back to work now... And i guess I'm gonna buy the FIFA SOCCER '06 now. :)

Happy New Year Everybody. And Also advanced Lunar New Year!!!