Thursday, December 01, 2005

Revival of Philippine Comics

For some years now there has been a revival of the Philippine 'Komiks' scene as independent and rising publishers like Mango, Alamat, Nautilus and Pscicom publishing medias has breathed life unto the sleeping(since i dont really believe Philippine comics was dead in the first place even after it crashed down in the late 90's) pop culture that used to be the main form of entertainment of every filipino. Notable books has been launched since then, including Siglo, Lastikman, the ever-popular ZsaZsa Zathurna, The critically acclaimed Wasted, and the new anthologies Fantasya and Siglo.

More and more Filipino creators too, all over the world has been informed of this revival, and are keen on giving their share to this renaissance of Philippine comics. This information has been mainly due to the site put up by comics creator and fellow architect Gerry Alanguilan, (creator of Wasted and Humanis Rex). infact, Alanguilan has been tirelessly putting up the Philippine Comics Art Museum that houses art pieces from the great filipino artists of yesteryears like Alcala, Redondo, NiƱo,coching, Carillo, and others. And still putting in new entries as he uncovers more art-tifacts from these masters.

Alanguilan's site, Komikero was actually made in the first place to become a showcase of his personal work but has since evolved into a melting site where filipino creators from the four corners of the globe visit and exchange thoughts.It has proven to be too popular that it exceeded its bandwith quota sometime last month. Nowadays its very common visiting his site and seeing popular filipino artists and creators (then and now)names logged in the Message board and Guestbook.