Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Football Crazy

Playing as Henry of Arsenal is a joy

Lately i've been burning the night candles until the wee hours of dawn. And no, it's not because of some drawings deadline. It's because of the FIFA 2005 SOCCER game by EA sports.

I've had my x-box more than a year ago and I only played moderately with my usual games (x-men, Dragon Blade, Halo2) and didn't really have the feeling to be addicted by it. I even stopped less than an hour or so after commencing playing since I feel that I'm not enjoying the play that much. I used to think that maybe it's because I'm already 30, I dont have the zest for video games the way I used to have with Nintendo, sega and the ol' good PS1. Second, I'm married now and my job is very occupying, plus I also get to draw a few pages of comics every now and then that I really have no time to squeze in game consoles.

That all changed when I bought Fifa Soccer 2005. I mean, I love football. Maybe even more than basketball. But I never thought I'd be this crazy with a video game again (the way I was with Tekken before). The cool thing in this game is that you can simulate a 15- year career as a manager and hop from club to club, building good reputations and buying good players (even create some). You start with a mediocre club though, but as you build points and win matches, the enjoyment will begin to flow, especially if you master some cheats and tricks. It helps that the graphics, teams and players are really rendered like their real- life counterparts.

My career in this game started with the american league (METROSTARS), then went to thescottish league (RANGERS), then to the Portuguese league(PORTO) before i had an 'offer' to coach the English premiere league team Portsmouth. And just this weekend I was elevated to coach ARSENAL! Man, And I'm just in the 4th year of my simulated 15 year career. I think I'd stay a year or two in this club and try to win the premiership before going towards CHELSEA or to REAL MADRID or BARCELONA.

The only downside of me playing this game is that I'm stealing some time that should be devoted to me drawing and some (yes, only some) time with my kid. Jean is even beginning to nag me about this, giving me the "stare of death" everytime I sit to play. Ah, and yes, My vision seems a bit jagged in the morning going to work.