Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Post- Holiday Syndrome

The long Chinese New Year Holiday (4 days) is over as well as Jean's birthday(yesterday, Jan 31).
So now i'm having a post-holiday syndrome. And i'm tired too since before retiring last night (if you call 2 a.m. night, that is) we have to clean up all the mess that Jean's visitors and Fergus' playmates has left behind, including disposing all the leftovers and washing the dishes. Luckily Fergus was drained too so he didn't hump his usual antics in the bed and in turn gave me a peaceful sleep.

Now I'm back in the office doing the usual dayjob after days of playing xbox, drawing comic pages, and playing with my kid.

Oh wait, on the lighter side, weekend is not so far away. :) Have to finish the pages I owe Reg with.