Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No Place I'd Rather Be

What I like about Singapore, apart from the almost 0% crime rate and very efficient public transport, is that they really treat their National Day the biggest day of the year. They look forward to it, prepare for it, and the government spend insane money to celebrate it (Even making a 30,000 people capacity floating stadium at Marina bay just for it). People from all walks of life here talk about it with enthusiasm, and with their family celebrate the culmination by watching the National Day Parade, an extravagant show that Singaporean anticipate year after year, with glee marked on their faces. Sadly, I don't see that kind of enthusiasm back home in the Philippines. Many people don't even know the date of our independence day. And I think I'm not mistaken that there are many more people that can identify Manny Paquiao than people who knew how to sing the National Anthem correctly.

Anyway, this 9th of August, Singapore will once again held its 42nd birthday, and I am writing this not because I'm already becoming a Merlion patriot, but because I want to share you this year's Singapore National Day Parade song. The reason is that it's one of those songs that let you thing of your roots, especially if you're like me, are plying your trade overseas. This simple but beautiful song--sang by Kit Chan-- speaks about the longing for a homeland, even after seeing the four corners of the globe.

Watch it for yourself below.

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