Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bloody Scammers

I haven't opened my mail since the weekend and I can't believe how much spam mails can accumulate in your box for three days. Damn. Though I have to be careful too since sometimes you overlook some messages that "looked" like spam but are actually from friends. Once i even found a very awaited response from my writer in my bulk box sitting there for about a week and didn't get to read it.
And what's with these spammers anyway? They send penis- enlargement/ erectile dysfunction ads everyday! I mean for god's sake, I know they mean business but keep me out of it. i'm too young to need a viagra or whatever scammer immitations they offer (branding it "new formula", "fully organic", or "all natural". Uh-huh. not me, I pass. Wait 40 years more and then maybe. And penis enlargement? No. I may not have that of John holmes (yeah far from being a monster), but I'm comfortable with it and it suits me just fine. :)

Another scam i'm getting tired with are these nigerian "looted money" account. I guess all of you has received a mail of this nature, promising to give you 50% of the millions they have in a swiss bank if you give them something to facilitate the "papers" with. funny, right? Yet you still knew pretty stupid people who fell for this kind of ploy. Greedy people who was blinded by their own ravenousness that they themselves don't notice they've been swindled until it's too late. I've heard of Filipinos who fell for it, and some older Singaporeans too. The way foreigners fell for the gold bars scam in the Philippines.