Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give and Take

Jean, my wife, is no sports fan. Much more a football fan. So she can't undertand why I have to wake up at mid-dawn just to watch a game I can see a replay later the night. So i have to explain to her that for a football freak like me, there's nothing in the world like watching the game live, with no spoilers whatsoever. and like before, she wasn't convinced but the good thing though about it is that she respects that I have to do these things. The same thing that I respect her in times that she's having her tantrums or how ridiculuosly long it took her to choose between two shoes to buy. I guess the longer we lived together the more patience and tolerance for each other's antics has grown. And this is all out of respect and love for your partner. When I get irritated sometimes waiting for her while she tries a hundred dresses that she won't buy anyway, I just remind myself how miserable i'd be if she's not with me-- and it makes me feel calmer and uncomplaining. So now whenever I had no excuse not to come with her to malls, I just bring a good graphic novel with me and wait for her in the nearest coffee alfresco. Guess it suits us both better. Give and take... And just like that, life seems to be less complicated.