Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is Valentines' Day. I see how you get to look at an event or ocassion in different stages of your life. Jean, my ex- girlfriend (now my wife, of course) just turned 31 three weeks ago and I, a month further back. When we were younger we used to see Valentines day as a special occassion that we can spend together just with each other. In our college days we would plan beforehand what to do or where to go (as far as our collective allowances can afford), just to make the day extra special. Then when we were both working, I would always make the trip from Cagayan de Oro (where i live and work) and be with her on the 14th. But as time went on, and we were married, became more mature and now blessed with a hyperactive child, the way we see Valentines has dramatically changed. Now it's not just about being together. It's not just about spending the moment together full of hugging and sweet moments of hush and whispers. It has evolved to something that is celebrated more than just the two of us. We came to know that Valentines is not just for lovers. It's about love of any kind. Love for parents, or love for friends, and most especially love for family. Not the love you feel when you have your first kiss or the one you feel while exploring each other's secrets and mystery. I confine that "that" kind of love was in fact very exciting, but superficial. There's nothing to compare with the love that's been through the high and lows of life's battles, widthstanding each other's shortcomings, family and in-law conflicts, monetary bust-ups, quarrel of opinions, and sometimes contradicting beliefs and personal preferences.

Now, instead of buying flowers and gifts (Jean actually warned me not to buy her flowers for a long time now-- branding it as a waste of money), we just spend this day with our son, and being away here in singapore, we'll be spending some time of it calling our respective folks. It's all about love after all. And with a silent prayer we'll say thank you for still being together all these time, rediscovering each other's mystic qualities despite of our differences.

Oh yeah, I have to drop by the DVD store before going home to see what's nice for tonight.