Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Finished Pillars Page

I guess I've talked about this project a number of times in this blog. But finally Thomas Mauer sent me the finished lettered and greyscaled pages of the story (10 pages all, to be included in the 200-page HOPE: New Orleans with a bunch of other indie creators). Thomas said he'll be shooting for release before WWChicago convention for this, and hope to get my vopy ofthe book too by then. :) Here's one page of the story. You can click the image for a bigger resolution page.

Friday, January 20, 2006



I wasn't that excited of it though since my wife, son and I welcomed it with the dreaded flu. Luckily we're well now, not 100% though since i still bark once in a while like a dog.

I've nursed the damn flu for two weeks, and during those time I didn't try to draw anything (and two weeks before that got swamped with a lot of work in office so didn't have time to sit the drawing board as well).

So for that two weeks of sickness, instead of just lying in bed and be bored, I decided to continue playing my FIFA SOCCER '05 managerial career in my x-box. And boy, did i have fun. My '05 has been around for quite sometime now and i just don't have the time to play it intently until last two weeks and it gave me the blast, at least. I had chance playing my favourite teams for the 15- year period like ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, CHELSEA, MAN-U, BARCELONA and REAL MADRID. And also managed DUNDEE UNITED, CELTIC and POURTSMOUTH on the way.

My favourite aside from playing the pitch itself was the transfer market. buying great players and assybling them in one team is a heck of delight. I had the chance of fielding Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Zinadine Zidanne, Patrick Viera, Ronaldinho, Rio Ferdinand and John Terry in a first team!

Anyway, that's over. So back to work now... And i guess I'm gonna buy the FIFA SOCCER '06 now. :)

Happy New Year Everybody. And Also advanced Lunar New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Early December last Year we had a chance to catch the free show of BATMAN BEGINS Asia tour and Fergus, being the ridicolously batman fanatic that he is at the age of 2, really had a blast. I also caught it on video so the tyke can watch it over and over again.

Some pics taken on the picture- taking session(below).

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

To Hell and Back!

Yeah. It did felt that way. And man i can still taste the sulfur in my lips.

New Year wasn't really a big celebration for me and my family. If you're one of the few people who knew this blog does exist and in any magical unusual kind of way kept on visiting, then you must have known I've not posted a single word in here since about more than a month ago. Why, you may ask? No, I didn't go to Hong kong disneyland (though i did entertain that thought months before the holidays), and nu-uh, I didn't go back to Philippines to visit my folks either. The truth is, the dreaded FLU got me. Yes, "the" flu.

We always assocoaite flu with just mild fever and some bit of colds and a dash of cough, right? Well I used to think so too! And I took it for granted so long before going to the doctor. Taking just over the counter medications that only made the virus regroup inside me. Of course there are people who seem to get well so fast. Unluckily, i'm not one of those guys so i ended up seeing the doctor anyway when my chest seems to burst already with heaviness from cough and my nose couldn't sniff any air because of colds.

so i got the flu. And you thought it couldn't get worse than that. right?... BEEEP!!! Wrong again. Not only was I so stupid and so hard- headed to see the doctor immediately, I bloody ended infecting my wife and kid with the virus too!

What a cheerless New year indeed. 2 weeks of nursing pesky viruses! But anyway, with that over, I just wanted to look at the bright side now... and the late works that are way past deadlines.