Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup twilight

The world cup will end this Sunday. That means it will be the last of the time that i've spent more than a month livng as a nocturnal creature and once again join the rest of the world for a good night sleep.

I have myself to blame for rooting to several teams playing for the World cup. I have England, France and Germany close to my sports heart when the games started and said a silent prayer that these teams progress. Indeed, these teams progress from each of their groups until their lucky thread ran out. England were beaten by Portugal in a lousy quarterfinal performance, and just this morning (3 am exactly) I saw Germany broken by the Azzuris of Italy in the cup's semifinal game. That left me with only France(used to be my less-fancied favourite team to reach the final) as my last team still standing. Again, this night (okay, tomorrow morning) they will clash with Portugal in the other semifinal bout and I hope they win. I'd love to see Christiano Ronaldo cry tears of blood.

I'm betting my "third" leg for France. And i hope Zidane, Henry and co. won't dissapoint this time. Especially Zidane... For this will be his swansong.