Thursday, June 01, 2006

Absentee Blogger

I won't be updating this blog for the next two weeks because I've finally got my leave approved and I'm going home with my family for a holiday in the Philippines.

I've been here in Singapore for the last six years. It has been a good six years and I know I'd still be here in more years to come. I've gone home to the Philippines four times in that span of time that I'm here. Yet everytime I'm about to go home, the level of excitement is always the same as if it's the first one. Like you haven't been home for so many years.

Unlike in Singapore, I know when I get out of the NAI Airport I'll be greeted by taxi drivers who charge excessively just because you're from another country, unwarranted dusts, traffic jam, sidewalk vendors, slums, giant billboards along every imaginable roads, Jeepneys and Fxs. Most balikbayans complain on most of these things but I don't. Weird as it may to say it, but i always look forward to these stuff(aside from the taxi driver). The sight of these things give me the assurance that I'm home.

So see yah guys...