Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"ELMER" to be out by end of the month

If you're a comics loving individual in the Philippines and haven't heard about ELMER, then I don't know which cave you've been practicing mantra all these days.

ELMER, the most anticipated creation of premier Philippine comicbook creator and friend Gerry Alanguilan(Wasted, X-men, Superman: Birthright) is now seing prints and will be available in most comicbook stores in Manila by end of the month, as Gerry has announced in his blog.

This book is about a chicken (elmer) who thinks, talks and has an attitude like a human. You can browse to some of the comicbook's preview pages, and I bet my piggy-bank dollars that you will love it, even for just the witty humor the creator has cunningly injected on the story. It's really easy to miss that Elmer is indeed a chicken especially with the build up to the actual appearance of the main character. I have been a convert since reading the teaser pages, and like other artists, just have to make my own fan art. I'd be going home this June, so that means I can get a hand for a copy on this.

There's even a dedicated site that Gerry created for it, and a TRAILER to boost!

ELMER is published by Gerry's own KOMIKERO Publishing.