Friday, April 28, 2006

About A Girl (Part 1)

A short story I did way back... Reading it now raise hairs on my neck. Sharing you the fun.

Serialized in 3 parts.


I didn't know how it happened. It came to pass so fast. Some call it luck. Some call it providence. But I think it was destiny. I used to see her passing the school quadrangle just adjacent to our college department every afternoon. She's this beautiful, fair skinned girl who has a long flowing locks and the best one I know who gives justice to her school uniform, which she wears the way models scuffed those expensive designer clothes.

Her "china eyes" seem to sparkle with the sun. I've seen her smile and laugh a couple of times when she was talking with whoever it was she was walking with (probably her classmates) and seeing those always gave my afternoon a good mood. I knew that she's also a student there, but I always thought she was just too beautiful for me. At least my inferiority complex told me. It has become a habit for me to go to my afternoon class an hour early so I can watch the splendor of this girl go bye my department corridor every 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Of course, I was not the only one who was smitten by this willowy lady. I can judge by the way other architecture students pose during this time that they too, had been waiting for the amiable lass to pass by--and has been looking forward to it everyday.

Weekdays for me has always comedown to this routine everyday. You can call me a jerk but that's how I used to make my day. Until one day I saw her walking with a muscular (not really the ones you found in bodybuilding magazines, just "sporty" built) man by her side. By the look of it, it was very obvious that this man was already a boyfriend. Well, I maybe meek but I'm not that dumb to read how bodies show emotions. I didn't know why I felt hurt. I was brokenhearted--to say the least--and to think I don't even have the slightest of right to feel that way! There I was, Lamenting for someone who even in her wildest dreams did not even knew I exist. I was a real loser… Big time. All I can do was pity myself and it was not doing any good for my morale either.

Two months passed by since I haven't done my afternoon routine. I convinced myself there's no use on barking for the wrong tree. Fantasizing for someone who doesn't even knew me is a loser's game. And I was tired of being one. So I set myself to just continue with my life and hope to pass all my subjects. Who needs a girl anyway when I have all my design plates filed up and I was not even halfway through them (well of course I was sourgraping!.. Silly me).

... to be continued