Friday, March 31, 2006

Gingoog City

Gingoog city. This is the place where I grew up and spent most of my childhood before I went for university in the Visayas and later on settled down in Cagayan de Oro before moving here in Singapore. I have so many memories in this place including adventures you cannot do in a big urban area. My parents and some of my siblings are still there and it's still the place I'd like to call HOME.

Below are photos of the Gingoog experience.

Tiklas, a big high falls in the area of Balantian mountains. It has a big, high waterfalls and a pool where you can dip to a flowing, natural river water. It's just too damn hard to get there... Hope mobilization there has improved since it's really a great place to commune with nature.

Vintas with Gingoog Colours on it at Gingoog bay

The summit of Mt. Lumot, a favourite distination of local and regional mountaineers.

The "pahayahay", an old ship dock now made into a makeshift pasyalan where you can just relax with a friend or fish, if it's your hobby.

A surfing contestant showing off his stunt. Surfing has now incresingly popular in the city, with annual contest participated by entrants from all over the archiphelago. The waves here are not as big as Siargao, but it has pretty consistent and descent runs that made it attractive to pinoy surfers.

The annual Surfing contest with contestants waiting for their turn and spectators flocking the beach. Mt. Bantaawan lake, located like a valley at the mouth of Bantaawan mountain.

Then Badiangon Spring, the favourite beach in Gingoog. This beach has no white sugar-fine sands of other beaches. But it's attraction is the ice-cold spring water merging into the sea water.