Friday, March 17, 2006

The Tyke's Day Out

My mother in-law had a chance to visit us here in Singapore for a month so we did take some time to show her around. We took her to the zoo, which was also Fergus' chance to come face to face with the animals he've known only from the books and television.

Entrance to the Singapore Zoo.

Some of the new attractions at the zoo carpark. These polycarbonate animal figures glows at night.

Alfresco are near the entrance. We eated first before entering the zoo, and had a shot with the prop cow there.

e big circular deck fronting a big are that mimics a real jungle. You can see monkeys and urang-utans swinging, crocodiles, deers, and other wildlifes when you're in this deck.

Camels!!! They're kinda shy.

since the animals are not caged in this zoo, you feel that they roam freely with you. Barriers in form of water and pits are cunningly designed and veiled with shrubs and planting.

This Baboon is a bit shy and protective of his little one. Turned around when I started to snap pictures at him.

Entrance to the Aquatic area where Penguins, Sea Lions, Dolphins and Manatees are housed.

Up close with the Lion's Harem in the glass viewing deck.

The Lionking sits majestically in his throne.

Posing with the Zebras...