Monday, March 13, 2006

Kinetic Pulchritude

Funny how many things you find when you search through old things. Lately i'm posting things that are newly excavated. so I guess this has now become a series. Only this time it's not an artowrk. Found this one when I was browsing thru my old files looking for a document. It's a poem i made on the eve of my wedding in 2000. of course i don't need to say who it was meant for. It's a bit mushy though. But I remembered penning it with much passion, knowing I'm going to give it to a woman I was born to love forever.

"Kinetic Pulchritude"

Imagine her as a painting
More dazzling than the one at Sistine
A moving Mona Lisa
Surrealistic than an Obra Maestra.

You've been moved by Titanic
Or the magnum opus Gone With The Wind
But for me nothing really compares
By the mere touch of her skin.

Milkshakes and cup cakes
You've tasted it all, yes
Yet how can anyone be sweeter
Than this duffledove's kiss.

Compare her to Beethoven's classics
Or Mozart's music
To a troubadour's serenade
Even Jimi Hendrix
If Blues is what you like.

She can charm you like Cleopatra
Enchant you like a Nymph
But she can be caring too
Sympathetic, tender and affectionate.

She can be fragile as a flower
And can easily break to tears
But she often takes a good stand
In everything she cares.

She got a free spirit
And do everything she desires
She never surrender to problems
And sure is stubborn sometimes.

You can call her "Morning Dove",
"Stuffed Toy" or "Shine"
But the most marvelous thing is that
This lass is MINE.

...My own Helen, Aphrodite's kind.