Thursday, March 09, 2006

Popping pills and a kettle

I was cleaning my drawing desk yesterday when I found some old stack of sketches and this is one of them. I remembered drawing this one during my self- imposed 8-month isolation in 2002. I went AWOL from my job in Singapore that time and went home to my wife in the Philippines and didn't work. I think I felt a plateu in my life at that time. Burnt out by my job and felt no meaning with my existence, I packed my bags and just left it all. For eight months all I did was sleep, watch TV, draw, paint, drink booze with my brothers (we are 5 boys, mind you) and guy friends, sang karaoke and feel sorry for my miserable life while my wife worked to feed me.

Until one day I woke up and as if God smiled on me. I found a new hope that i can hold on to. A new beginning and reality to grow with. And this was because of the news that Jean brought to me-- I was going to be a father. Before the baby came out, I decided then to go back here in Singapore and did what I do best, while at the same time pursuing my dream to be a comics artist bit by bit, taking some work from an indy US comics studio. After my son was born they followed me here and these are how we are currently.

Funny how a single peice of paper let you recall so many memories. Here it is anyway. Pen and ink. 0.5 and 0.2 Fabre castell disposable filt-tip pens on bristol paper.