Monday, March 06, 2006


I was never a fan of Pinoy Big Brother. But i have nothing to those who are religiously watching it like it's their daily(or nightly) fix-- like Jean. And bacause of her I watched how Rustom Padilla made known to the world that he is gay-- totally shaterring the myth that the Padillas are all about true blue machismo. And I admire him for that. Since I know how hard it is for him to hide it for all these years and finally letting it out even with the fear of rejection by his family. Your sexual preferences don't make you as a person. It's the thing that you do. It's just sad that in the Philippines, many people are still insensitive and at sometimes cruel to people who have preferences to same-sex relationship.

I am not gay. i've never felt being gay not even once. But I have no problem to be associated with friends who are. Some of the best friends I've known are gays. One of the best friend I have (and one of the most talented individual I ever have previledge to be associated with) revealed his sexual inclination when we were already in our twenties and already working-- and it set him free. It made him happier and more optimistic about life. And i found out that being gay is within. It was never about having to look like a drag queen, work in a beauty parlor, voice like a woman or applying makeup. You can be gay even if you're as chiseled as Lou Ferrigno or the opposite. It's all about decision and truthfulness.

After all, (it's chessy but I'll say it anyway) truth sets one free.