Monday, April 24, 2006

Revisiting a hero's death

I have just bought last Saturday the Bounded version of "Death of Superman" (picture above), originally published in 1992. It contained the 7 comic series that engulfed the whole saga of Superman's destruction by the hands of Doomsday.

Back then, I was sophomore college student and have nothing much to shell out for a 200 pesos (which was really costly back then!) per copy of the paperback series. Good thing that I have a well-off boardmate who is like me, a comics freak and a Superman lover. He was the one who bought the copies, all seven of them and lent them to me afterwards. I remembered being teary-eyed after reading it and swore I would buy my very own copy in the future.

After graduation I heard that it was made into a compilation graphic novel so i searched for it but never found a copy. Years passed by and I just forgot about it... Until I saw a copy last Saturday in ComicsMart. To give you a glimpse of how I feel seeing it, you can imagine how you feel seeing someone you really like before, a secret crush or a former lover(a girl or a boy, whatever your preference is). And the most bizarre thing is that it's their LAST copy. I bought it right away.

That night I read it again, and the feeling was still the same as if i was transported back to 1992. Reading it to the last panel, it still has that warm painful feeling. I did not cry this time but the sentimental reaction was never less.

After reading it I carefully put it back to its plastic case and tuck it away for my son to enjoy when he's older, and feel what I felt-- witnessing comics' greatest hero fall.


I also want to say thank you to that former boardmate and friend of mine, Mr. Norman Alino, for being so generous back then. We haven't seen each other since 1994 but I hope to bump into you in the near future... Wherever life lead us.