Wednesday, May 03, 2006

About A Girl (Part 2)

I was about to go inside my Surveying class when I saw my female board mate talking to her! They knew each other? My chest began to rump up thinking that I can actually ask my board mate about this lady and eventually know things about her! But of course even if I get to know her (which I don't give much chance to happen), there's still the big problem--her boyfriend. That brawny guy who looked tough and can really defend her. Well I know girls looked for guys whom they can feel secure with and that guy was really one of those. Though I don't know about his cerebral capability though.

As if God heard me, right in front of me, there he is--the guy I was talking about. The boyfriend of the girl I was so fond to watch every afternoon--and he is my classmate in this particular class. Darn. And to add insult to injury, I was the one paired with him on our actual field surveying. I learned that his name was "Pike"(what kind of name was that?). And I learned that he's also in the University basketball varsity team (so what? I was the school's artist league president! Err... Does that count as a babe point?).

After an hour of instructions with our mentor, we headed for the football field to put what we have studied to an actual surveying transit. As we walk there, Pike tried to engage me in conversation. He talked too much, I thought, while just shrugging on everything he said. I was not really listening to whatever it was he was uttering--which I know were all self-centered bull sh**s. I was busy comparing myself with him. And it only add more to my inferiority complex. I looked pathetic compared to this burly guy. I tried working out once but I stopped when I almost can't get up after because of terrible body aches. I was afraid it may damage my pulse and it may affect the way I draw and of course, write (well sometimes you tend to find so much excuse just for plain laziness).

As we go on with our actual studies, I found out more things about this guy. Not only did that he do things stupidly (Even asking how to position his eyes in the lens of the transit, ugh!), he also has this funny body odor when he started to sweat. I wonder how that girl take this bum every time he visit her from a basketball game and smelling like onion.

That night I really grilled my board mate about her. And this is what I found out: Her name was Joanne. She was 3rd year in Teacher's College, a dean's lister, and the best news of all--just broke up with her boyfriend!!! Damn. She must have noticed the funny smelling perspirations too (not to mention the stupid questions). Maybe that's why Pike kinda looked gloomy earlier that day.

I decided to take the first step to this dream girl. I wrote a poem about her (yeah, yeah, it's mushy i know) and let my board mate give it to her. I think my board mate was thrilled of the idea of being cupid so she was more than happy to deliver the package. That started it all. Joanne liked my poem (she described it as "wonderful", though I personally think the poem was crap and cheesy) and sent me a letter too. After that, we met.

... to be concluded