Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sun and burns

We went to East Coast Beach Park again last sunday, knowing that Monday (May 1) was holiday and I can do my takehome job on that day. The quality of the sea water here is a far cry from the ones I was used to in the Philippines, especially the crystal-clear blues of bohol. But it will do, since bathing is not the only thing you can do in East coast park.

We left the house early so we can find a good place to camp, knowing it will be really difficult to find one once you go there late, the place being too crowded on weekends. After we set out our tent, Mark and Louie (my housemates) started to prepare the barbecue and Jean took out the meat and seafood to roast while I unfolded the picnic table. Though many did barbecue in there, ours made passersby turn heads since we were the only one who roasted a whole chicken (litson manok) in there, and the stuff jean put in that chicken's stomach made it to other people's nostrils. It maybe ordinary in the Philippines to see this kind of thing in the beach, but NOT here in singapore. Roasted chickens are thing you see only in food stalls.

After eating, me and Fergus dipped in the beach water before we joined Jean Biking. The others went skating. I wanted to try wakeboarding again, but I felt that I will only make it to the next 10 metres or so before crashing in the water (just like the last time, and it's not cheap)... So I did not.

It's only in the afternoon that we noticed the sunburns in our bodies. Jean, being the fairier, got the most. Her face and arms got really red and she blamed me for forgetting to bring the sunblock. I told her she's still pretty even with sunburns, but that made no impact.

I wanted to stay for the night there and go home by Monday morning but the women insisted on going home by that night coz they wanted to catch "Pinoy Big Brother" on TFC. hay... Women.

But we had fun... And it's all that matters.