Thursday, May 04, 2006

East Coast Park Photos

Below are some of the pictures taken last sunday at East Coast Beach Park here in Singapore.

Bogs Tisoy was all smile knowing we're going to the beach

Typical view of the East Coast beach during weekends

Starting to play in the sands with Mona (friend's daughter)

Louie and Mark setting up the litson manok with the barbecues. Looking are Adafe, chona andJjiji. You can definitely feel the heat of the sun in this picture.

Finally made it to the water

The ones who were not dippin': Jiji, Jean, May, Chona and Mark.

Fergus ready to play the ball after bathing

Playing cards in the tent

The beach skating rink. We wanted to skate, but opted for the bike instead.

The vast wakeboarding pond. There are suspended automatic cables that you hold to while it runs at the speed equal to that of a speedboat. The first time I tried it, I only manage a mediocre 10 metres so I gave it a pass this time.

Night falls. The sunburns are already evident in the faces.

... and flat to bed after a whole day of outdoor playing.