Friday, June 30, 2006

TR 4: The Visit

When I visited my grandmother on last month's homecoming, she was very happy. We haven't seen each other in around 5 years or so and it was really a great moment for me and I guess for her too. She now lives in my parents' small farm with my father's sister (who also takes care of the vicinity). At 93, and with her sight and bones now failing her, her memory was still as sharp as a whip, even recognising Jean instantly in her blurry glance. Not being to walk by herself anymore, I stayed in her bedroom for hours and we talked so much about things-- the past, the future, metaphors and ideas, the family, the country I'm living now, my work, and me being a father now and such.

Lola is a conversationalist. It's a gift, I guess. Many people like the way she talks and were blessed by her lectures. And maybe it's because of her age too, her stories and anecdotes are so rich with life's lessons and even of years passing were still as enjoyable as i remembered it as a child sitting below lola's bed intently listening to the old dame's tales.

After the talk and some Champorado merienda (the chocolate made from the Cacao harvested from the farm), I said goodbye to lola. She hugged me and blessed me with a prayer. I told her I'd be seeing her again so she better take care of herself. She just sighed a little laugh.

"When it's time, It's time, bong." she retorted. "The best thing is that I've made my mark in this world and I saw my children and grandchildren grew to be better people and individuals. Something I can always be proud of. Besides, i miss Noyong (my deceased grandfather) already, and it would be good to kiss him again like when we were teenagers.hehehe..."

"Yes, but not now." I answered back smiling. " wait till I became the father of three!" and with that, I left.