Monday, June 26, 2006

TR 2: Something in the Philippine Air

I decided to take a nap during the plane ride since i didn't really had enough the night before because of all the packing finalization. I finally dozed off just to be waken by the stewardess to be asked what do i like : "Chicken or fish". Damn, I thought. I wanted to sleep lady. But being the typical me, I just retorted "chicken". I cannot sleep after that so i just ordered a glass of red wine from the stewardess after another (after eating). I think i've had five until they told me it's enough. Man, I thought again. This is what you get when you fly 3rd class.

After 3 and a half hours of hearing Martin Nievera songs and enduring to watch "Must Love Dogs" on inflight movie, we finally reached Manila. The red wine had a hilarous effect on me because I waited in the baggage belt area from Hongkong without knowing it. I only learned that Singapore baggage was 5 conveyors ahead after I asked the facility coordinator why my bags were still not in the conveyor belt when I've waited there for so bloody damn long.

Damn wine.

Then when we were checking out of the airport, the guard checking my baggage, whispered "boss pasalubong naman diyan". What the-- Pasalubong??? I want to answer "Ha? penpal ba kita?" or "close ba tayo?" but again, die hard habits kicked in and instead, I answered " wala, kaibigan. Pasensiya". In my mind I was finger-pointing myself. Pasensiya? PASENSIYA???? Damn you. No, no, no, I tried to answer myself back-- damn... err... damn... Damn wine. Yeah. Damn wine.

Good thing that Emhay(jean's sister) fetched us from NAIA with her car so I didn't have to worry about the overpricing taxi drivers. And just as I pictured it i my mind, there they are-- the crowding jeepneys, sidewalk slums, and giant billboards. But just like as before, I seem to like smelling the manila air best. There's something in it's whiff that my nostrils like. Hinahanap-hanap, ika nga. I don't know what it is. It's definitely not Fresh air. But then again, maybe it's just Jeepney exhaust.

Jean with sister Emhay