Friday, June 23, 2006

Trip Recollections 1

It was 7a.m. on June 3. Our flight via PAL (I'm rooting for the national carrier for the MILES reward) will be at 9:30 that morning. Everything was already packed and Jean was checking if there's nothing forgotten to pack or included. while she and Fergus took their baths, I gave to the itch of playing X-box (of course, It's Fifa soccer '06). Only after Jean shouted for me to ready myself did I stop.
I looked at the clock and saw that it's already almost 8 a.m. I guess I've never taken a bath so fast before.

Good thing that Eule and Mark sent us to the airport. I had a lending hand for the rather heavy baggage of pasalubong and and other stuff.

The day before I shelled out S$450 for a Sony PSP and a couple of UMD games so I can continue my gaming even while moblie and in the Philippines. Jean wasn't so cool about me spending for "kid's toys" but being the wife and best friend, she still gave in (after a while of persuasion and pomised bribery).

We did reach the airport just before boarding time and still got the time to buy liquors on the duty free shop (singapore duty free shops are the lowest in Asia), take some pictures, and board the airplane.

I was coming home... And I couldn't wait to get there.

Changi Terminal 02 Check -in Area.

Mark & Eule, Our housemates.

Pre- departure area. Most people has already boarded the plane but Jean wanted to squeeze a shot.

Boarded the plane. Fergus wasn't looking coz he was watching chicken Little in my PSP. There goes my playing time!

Cooly listening to on- board music.