Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TR 3: Comics Trip

It was June 3. I've just been around 3 hours in Manila. Jean and Fergus went with Emhay and Emhay's kids to Mall of Asia (known to be the biggest in Asia), while I went to Megamall instead. The reason for this was to get a copy of pal Gerry Alanguilan's new self- published comics in Comicquest Megamall. Lucky for me there's already available stock of ELMER (P50.00) when I get there, so I bought two (the saleslady doesn't seem too friendly though, but i let it pass), before going to the adjacent FILBAR'S to get Fantasya, a comics anthology by Psicom, and two different issues of Superheroes, a digest-sized compilation reprint of three DC comicbooks in one.

That night, while the rest of the guys were watching the finale of PBB Teen edition, I was lapping myslef for a good read. Elmer didn't disappoint me. It was more than I expected. And being a father, the last three or so pages blows me away. it was quickly one of the most touching lines (with the awesome horizon drawing) I've ever read in years. I know i've just got to read the rest of the volumes... when they come out.

Fantasya's materials on the other hand (being an anthology) varies in content. They go from really good (Lan Medina's work) to Nice (Gilbert Monsanto's evidently hurried work) to just simply unbearable (soory guys, got to be honest here). But overall, the book still excels and I still recommend it to anyone who haven't read it yet.

I have a 5 page work who will be coming out in an anthology under Psicom too next month, a horror- thriller comicbook. I'm crossing fingers that it will come out good.

We're off for Cagayan de Oro by morning of next day (June 4th).

Below are pics we took while on PAL centennial domestic airport on our way home to Cagayan de Oro.