Thursday, June 29, 2006

Counting Sheeps

There was no world cup game last night so I spent the night with Jean and Fergus playing "Need for Speed" in our x-box console. Lately Jean has discovered that she liked playing racing games and is now playing on a daily basis. We had a blast playing the game as a family. A rare occurance I might say, and we're glad we did since it's another avenue where we can cultivate interaction and at the same time do a thing we all enjoy.

I was the last to sleep because I still watched CSI, and when I finally tucked myself to bed, I gazed at my sleeping wife. It's been six years since we tied the knot, and six years more before that as being sweethearts, dating back to our university days. And being together for 12 years now we've come to know each other so well that some things don't need to be spoken to be known by the other. Of course, there were trials and difficult storms we had to weather, and everytime we came through it we came out stronger and tougher, made harder by the experience. Jean now is not only a wife, but also my best friend.

Sometimes I can't sleep thinking of all the problems I have. Being in this kind of situation is so annoying that most resolve to counting sheeps to sleep. I just had to remind myself that I am with my family and be thankful that we are together. I had to tell myself over and over again how desolate I would be if I'm living without them. How empty I would be if I'm away from the people that matters most to me. I know all the money in the world cannot compensate that, nor the GRO's in the night pubs of Tanjong Pagar.

As I whispered my night prayers, I looked at my wife's way again and saw the calmness in her face. Almost an assurance for a better day, and a promise to be there with me no matter what.

...And my so-called great problems just sunk into significance.