Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Heartbreak to Heal

As of those of you who have been following the World cup in Deutchsland, and on those whose not really keen on soccer but has been listening to the news this morning, you should have known Italy won the recent World Cup finals. It's a pity, I must say, without taking anything from the Italians and all its supporters. Because throughout the whole match, France has definitely outplayed the azzuris, in ball possession and with the chaces they have made.

when Zinadine Zidane made a goal in the 7th minute, I jumped at my feet. I really thought it was destiny. A magnificent farewell and a fairytale ending to one of the best careers in football has ever seen. I thought France would win.

But after 90 minutes, extra time and penalty shootout later, the Le Blues lost.
The match, deadlocked at 1-1, ended in high drama with Zinedine Zidane's extra time sending off for a head butt on Marco Materazzi, with Italy taking the title 5-3 on penalties, with France David Trezeguet missing his spot kick to hand over the cup to the Italians.

While I rejoiced the previous night as Germany staked claim to 3rd spot in such a convincing manner, I wept last night for Zidane and his minions.

It's deja vu again. It's like supporting Arsenal i nthe champions league again. They drew first blood and played superbly but in the end still lost to their opponent. But football, like life was never fair. At once it catapults you to highest glory and the next burrying you in disgrace. It lifts the highest of the spirits and break hearts the next.

If you're a fan of Italy and the Azzuris, I congratulate you for your team's achievement. They deserve it I guess. Maybe not winning the cup since 1982 gave them more hunger than the French that lifted it just eight years ago.

But I'll say it again, it's a pity... For the best team did not win.