Monday, July 24, 2006

Tin's Meme Answered

There's this Meme post from Tin-tin's blog that i have (well, required) to answer coz I commented on it. :) She had to answer some question on how she sees me, and i have to retort back. So... (roll the drums) dan-dan-dan-daaan!!!!...Here it is.
White = Tin's words
yellow= my answers

RANDOM: really soooo talented and a soccer fanatic! i'm envious of you coz i really don't know how to draw.
Well, you're pretty, sexy and nice. That's something for other girls to envy and guys to desire.

CHALLENGE: draw a caricature of me. conceited talaga! hahaha
It should be on your mailbox by the time you're reading this.

COLOR: black and white. black because of the color of your blog. hehe. but it's really black and white because of your sketches
Actually I like black and white. But my favourite colour is blue. I like it's depth. Like the ocean. Or the unfathomable skies.

SOMETHING I LIKE: the good things you say about me. flattering. and really boosts my self-confidence ha
I always meant what I say, and they are, for me, the truth. I won't say you're pretty if you're not. :) I'm that frank and direct. So I guess you really are (as if that's new).

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: also first encountered you in my comment box and i was really fascinated with your picture. a man drawing, moving pa. hehe. clearest is really your post on love united video. hehehe
I really appreciate you liking that video because for me, it's one of the greatest i've ever seen. Better than Shakira. hehehe.

ANIMAL: rabbit. because you want to have more kids, right? hehehe
What the... hehehe. No, I really don't like many kids. But I'd like to have at least 2 or three. :) Actually I don't know what animal I associate myself of. For you, i guess a morning dove will fit well.

QUESTION: had you ever been a soccer player? i mean a real soccer player and not just for PE ha
I did play a bit of soccer in high school. but only in school. i've tried playing again some months ago ang boy did it gave me some real hard time. I'm better off as a fan, I guess.

SONG: i really can't think of anything. but since you truly love soccer and it's my clearest memory of you.. then it's Love United. hahaha :)
That's a nice choice. But I particularly like "I don't Wanna be" by Gavin DeGraw as a personal song.

Hope I answered that well, Tin. :)