Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Meme

Tagged. This time, its from bingskee.

6 Weird Things about Me:

1. I like to roll soft things within my thumb and index finger. Especially if it's siopao or puto or muffin. it relaxes me, and it warms up my fingers to be flexible enough to draw.
2. I'm left-handed with everything I do (writing, drawing, scratching, etc) even in eating with spoons or chopsticks. But if I eat with my bare hands(nakakamay), I just can't help but be right-handed.
3. It seems that my brain is wired better to my hands rather than my tongue. I find it easier and faster to communicate in writing than in person/ orally. So I guess I wrote more love letters compared to actually courting a girl face to face.
4. I like it when my back is tickled/scratched. I used to pay my younger borthers a ransom just to tickle me to sleep. Now, it's Jean's big cross to bear. :)
5. I like eating sotanghon or pork barbecue while watching movies, instead of popcorn. I used to smuggle these in my bag and open them only once I was already inside the cinema.
6. Having parents who has a small fleet of jeepneys as a form of living, I used to really like smelling burnt carbon monoxide (usok ng tambutso).