Wednesday, October 25, 2006


KOMIKON, the second Philippine Comicbook convention was successfully held last week at Bahay Alumni, UP- Diliman. It was attended by many "komiks" creators, both pros and indies alike who sell and displays their works. Some are even legends on the local komiks industry during its heyday, and some are very successful artists who are now working on DC and Marvel publishing and doing titles like Superman, Batman, Hulk, etc.

I was so tempted to go, because personally I wanted to meet these guys whose works I've grown to admire so much, and inspired me to be one myself; and also meet fellow young comicbook creators whom I've grown to be friends with
in the internet for sometime now and buy as much komiks as I can. Too bad having a dayjob, and being in other country as that, sneaking to the komikon is just not possible. Ultimately, I was only there by heart, and is saying a silent prayer and a wish that hopefully someday I'll be with these guys in the next Komikons to come.

Here's a hand for the revival of our very own komiks!!!

Below is a video coverage of the Komikon by creator and pal Gerry Alanguilan.