Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

My apologies to all the visitors who did not understand my previous post (well actually most of you). I just felt like posting that one since I haven't posted anything in my native dialect in this blog ever since its conception. Again, sorry everyone and I will make that up by posting a translation in the next post.

Right now i wish I have two bodies. Last week we have just moved to a new place and together with some guys we have shifted the household things. I didn't hire a mover agency since they were so damn bloody expensive. So i just called some friends and hired a lorry (that's truck for us) where we can transport the things to the new abode. Right now most of the things are still in the boxes, though the house is beginning to shape into a home now. Zero interest installment in credit cards are a blessing. I bought most of the new things using it. Fergus is still familiarizing with his new environment and is now beginning too to make friends with the kids around the area.

Office in the other hand has become another thorn in my neck. My boss has gone to Australia and will be there for two weeks so Von and I are the ones sharing the consultant's and project meeting chores my boss usually attends. I personally don't like consultants meeting. I guess I just don't like so much discussions and contradictions and hours of mumbo-jumbo talking. And, I had to admit, I'm not my best when it comes to oral communication. But no choice. Now i had to devide my time in office designing and going out on consultants meeting. Plus i'd have to wear a tie which I greatly abhor. I looked like a freakin' salesman.

Ok, time for me to go... (now, where did i put that tie...)