Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was tagged by Ipanema to do this. No, it's not about doing the deadly sins. It's just a meme of listing 7 songs that I like.

I'm a pretty shallow person so I have simple songs as favourites. They're not the all time favourites of mine, but at least they've been my favourite for a few years now, and some for a year or so. (i did not include"I'll Be" coz it's already in my all-time list. I'm not including hard rock greats too so it's moderation-friendly). And what's more? You can actually listen to the songs below coz I''ve uploaded them in my music files. Just follow the link below.

1. I wish I could - Collin Raye (a song about your own child. A song parents can really feel to)

2. Swept Away - Christopher Cross (A very memorable song for me personally)

3. I could not Ask for More - Another Edwin McCain song that's just too good to miss out

4. Best I Ever Had(Grey sky morning) - Vertical Horizon (a man's way of saying "you're just the best I ever had")

5. Here Without You
- 3 Doors down (A song about desolation for love lost)

6. Greatest American Hero - A soundtrack for the movie of the same title at the 80's. Movie sucks. Song is great.

7. Let her cry - Hootie and the Blowfish (A song about just being there)

You can listen to all the above songs HERE. plus other songs that didn't make it to the seven song list of mine.

Hmmm... I'm required to tag seven persons too, but i'll jsut add the ones who I think didn't get this. Okay, guys you're:


Ayan. If you've been tagged with this before, you don't need to oblige.