Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Portrait of a Slave

An old poem... Where i draw parallelism between art and pain, and metaphors between a canvas applied with paint to that of the body subjected to abuse (in this case, slavery). It's kinda strange that the letter "t" is the only letter that separates colour from suffering-- from PAINT to PAIN. One of my favourite I guess. :)

"Portrait of a Slave"

Paint me your impressions
Using pigments of mud and straws
Smear me your colours
Hues of anger and shame
Dye my soul with aggression
With your violent words
And scornful touts
Beat me with your truncheon
Veneering me with my own
Red, rich, thick blood
Make me a living mural
Of molten steel carrying your name
Put on me those chains
Make me a living sculpture
A pantheon of your dark nature
Build in me a cathedral
An edifice of your atrocious deeds
Brush me with your whip
Making frescoes of death!