Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost in Translation

Okay. As I promised, I'm posting the translation of my visayan poem "Daman sa Kasilag" in english. I relented the urge to write the translation in Tagalog since not all of you might understand it too, especially non-Filipino readers. Though the translation is descent, it doesn't capture all the intensity and ironic comedy that you feel if you understand the visayan poem. I didn't even match some of the phrases word-for-word since the resulting stanza is a bit diverse to the one I want to connote. But the rest are all faithful translations to the original meaning of the words. Below is the translated english poem, and though poet I am not, and is not living in an illusion that I am, nothing can prohibit me the idea that at least I can try.


Stirred, trance- awaken
Indeterminately walking on razor-sharp knives
Mystified and mentally un-delineated
As if the world stopped revolving,
and my sun eclipsed by pain
Now I mourn for your departure
Like a bubble vanished in darkness
Or the sun gobbled by the mythic beast

The abyss of pain I haven't foreseen
Like infinite water and oil melting in fire
Love and hate colliding like molten steel
And after all you've done I can't understand
That even with this bereaved heart
Your pretty face still echoes
Etched in this ridiculed man's mind

Cry as I want you to be
Let both tears and blood flow like river
Endlessly on those pretty pink cheeks
So you can feel the abomination
And experience the lowliness
Of the emotional beating
Caused by your atrocious betrayals

I wish your teeth would grind
Crumble from great detestation
Then feel the hard treachery
From the person you've bestowed
Your splendor and faith with...

I yearn for the world to turn upside down
Where those who flies would crawl
So in turn you yourself will cease
From your scornful taunts and devilish mirth
Then it will be your turn to weep
Waiting for absolution and mercy
For then you will be the chained slave
And me, your whip master...

...Time to dream your revenge.