Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Days are Here again

After all the hussles of moving in to a new place, we have finally lived again like we used to after around two weeks of "new abode syndrome". After days like being chained like Atlas at mt. Olympus' bottom, things finally gor better as if Prometheus finally gave us the gift of fire.

Yeah, things are finally back into normal. This is because:
1. The damn cable has been finally transferred. I got my football shows back and Jean got her teleserye back. She still makes noise for missing the ending week of Sarah Geronimo's soap.

2. Land telephone line has been connected too. Haven't called our folks in the Philippines during the whole moving process.

3. The big side-by-side ref has been delivered. So now the small ref is back at my own disposal. Jean stuffed it with meat and fish and poultry for the past two weeks that my beer smell liked something from the wet market.

4. Just like the ref, my bedroom tv in the last house was owned by the flat owner so we don't have anything in the bedroom for my xbox games and Fergus' cartoon dvds (The big TV in the living room is for TV viewing only(as of Jean's imposed laws)... Finally got the sideline paycheck so I splashed it out on a new 32" LCD tv, much to Jean's budget horrors.

5. Sex and getting to the john in the morning feels ok now. I don't get bloody distructed by the new colour of the wall or the arrangement of the furniture anymore. Before i even sometimes wake up blank-minded and think if I'm in my own bed or am I in another man's mind(weird, but true. I sometimes forget everything including who I am in around 5 seconds before it all dawn on me).