Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Day

It's time like these that I wish I had the strength of Hercules, cunning of Ulysses and bravery of Achilles. There are just too many deadlines I'm facing in my work and I have to deliver. Problem is, I'm running out of time and I don't feel 100% both in my health and my abilities. We all have it. It's a common thing. Professional athletes whose sporting talents seem to be summoned from the gods suddenly ran dry. Writers of Shakespearean caliber search their minds for a better lyrical prose and find it empty. Stage comedians flushed by the thought that their humour seem to become more predictable and panicked for better punch lines to say.

Slump. Droop. Slouch of ability. Whatever you call it, IT surely got into me--BIG TIME. I can't think of a better design in my mind and I hate whatever I made up today I just have to throw it in the trash. I've wasted enough paper and pencil leads to care counting. And to think I have a bloody presentation on Friday. The spirits of creativeness seem to have been demonized by the fact that I am suffering from colds and a bit of cough and flu. Damn that haze from Indonesia whose been blowing this side for weeks now. Even Fergus got sick out of it. PSI levels are dangerously at the 100± level. Do something about it for cryin' ou loud!!!

I told Jean my creative bank is bankrupt today but shrugged off the idea, saying that it's just because of the discomfort in my nose and larynx and does not have to do anything with having a talent slump.

If Jean were Freudian I'd swear she'd just called me paranoid.