Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Feudal Magic

I used to draw a lot of samurai stories(of which I wrote too-- in impromptu manner) in my younger days living in the Philippines. I was so fascinated with Feudal Japan back then, The ideas of Ninjutsu and Bushido were very appealing it was almost magical for me. I even shell some hard- earned allowance money to buy books that features shoguns, daimyos and ronins, used as basis for my stories and drawings. Sadly, all these drawings were either given to friends of bartered for anything with my classmates back then. And some surviving ones I still have to dig in the pile of boxes in my old room(in my parents' house in the Phils). So I think of rekindling that by drawing a new one. This one is just a study using "F" and finished with "2b" pencils, and still needs a lot of improvement i think before I can ink it. By the way, back then I was so influenced by the late Vic Catan, the Filipino artist whose drawings on ninjas and samurais are considered not less than a masterpiece.