Tuesday, September 20, 2005

UAP Reminiscence

UAP stands for United Architects of the Philippines. A recognized professional group for Filipino architects which I was (and still am) a member. I belong to the Cagayan de Oro chapter which has its base on central Mindanao (cagayan de Oro City). I remember having so much fun being a UAP member. From the simple chapter outing and meeting to the conventions and conferences held all over the archiphelago. now that I'm in singapore and working haf- past dead, I missed that and hoping to relive some of that moments with the group next time when I have the chance to go home for a vacation. Back in 2000, I participated in a contest to design an official logo for the chapter. And, in the most twisted turn of event, I won. Below is the winning (and has been used since) logo.