Thursday, September 15, 2005

Discovering HOUSE

If you've been watching cable tv lately, you should have noticed this new program (well not really that new) called HOUSE, a show that stars Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. Here in Asia, it is currently shown at AXN. I do't know the primetime timeslot since I only catch the re-run every Saturday where I'm not as busy as during weekdays.

At first glance, I thought it was just another medical drama in the mould of E.R. and Chicago Hope. But watching my first episode proved me wrong. I don't even want to classify it in one genre. It’s a concoction of drama, medical stuffs, comedy and investigative approach. It literally kept me glued to the sofa for the whole hour! I think the freshness of the show is its charm. It's like watching ER and CSI in one show with a whisk of Everybody Loves Raymond. The investigation suspense is there, medical mumbo-jumbos are there, and a lot of sarcastic and funny (yet brilliant) delivery of lines. No wonder it is nominated with 4 Emmys this year including a best actor nod for Laurie. This is another one for my tube bag aside from my usual doses of CSI, The Shield and Star world's Rockstar INXS.