Friday, September 02, 2005

The "other" side of me

Blogging seems to be good for me. Since i've started blogging just around less than two months ago,nothing but good things has been happenning to me so far. I have picked up a couple of pencilling gigs for independent comics studios and a number of pin-up drawing gigs for some creators. Of course, that's because I have featured my comic drawings heavily on this blog. But since the title of this blog is "ARtKITEKTO (read: Artist na Arkitekto), it's just only fair for me to post some of my dayjob creations here. Afterall, this is the work I do from Monday to Friday, before I morphed into being the comics artist again on the weekend.

So here are two of my latest works, all done in 3d using Sketch-up, and finished in Photoshop. These are images of the two entrances of a project we're currently doing in Beijing, China.

Oh yeah, I'm an architect but I work in an Environmental Design/ Site Planning Consultants' firm. :)