Wednesday, August 17, 2005


(Tribute to a fallen brother)

You have since been looking
For equality amongst men
You dream that one day
Your country will be one
You begin to realize
That it wont happen
Not in this kind of society
With putrid, rotten system

Denounced capitalism
Where rich becomes richer
And the peasant brothers poorer
You want to change it all
But they will not listen
You have bombarded the streets with taunts
Taken your plea to the roads
Still they’re hearing-impaired
By the fairness you claim
So hard to obtain

You have pledged your allegiance
To Sison and Marx
Took up the rifle and thick red book
Forsake university education
And fled to the jungles
You know they will listen
When you shout with fire
You have to take blood
From blinded warriors
Who are puppets to their masters
Have to pursue the cause
Vision for the masses

You’ve been fighting so long now
Until Armageddon came
And the ripper guided the bullet
That took you down
Still in your eyes, I know
Though everything were fading
Is a shadow of the dream

For a red revolution…