Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Next Pele?

Since Real Madrid confirmed on Thursday that they had signed Braziian international striker Robinho from Santos for a fee in the region of US$30 million, many buzz came out how the young Brazilian can give new life to the Spanish giant. True, the 21-year-old was brilliant in their games at the Confederations cup this year. But I still have to see him perform in a club level’s big stage like the Primera Liga & Europe. Unlike many, I won’t jump to conclusions right away that this lad is Pele’s heir apparent. I mean, greatness takes a lifetime to make. And it’s absurd to remark on a player’s entire achievement on just a single season or a single spell in his home country’s club (I know, Brazil’s Santos FC is not an ordinary club. It’s legendary for producing legends from its flock). Yes, Robinho can be the next best thing after Ronaldo and Ronaldinho (and of course, the now “un-sought” Rivaldo), but comparing him to Pele at this moment in time can be a mortal sin. After all, he may be a flop, like how Kleberson was in Man United. In fairness to Robinho though, he is way better than Kleberson (who was just really a plug to the hole when Ronaldinho signed for Barcelona instead of the Red Devils). So we’ll see. Let’s watch and splice words as this young Brazilian takes on the world stage.